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The Decentralized Reserve Currency

NwCoin is unites a community of developers and freelancers-owned decentralized financial infrastructure to bring more stability and transparency for the world.

Nwcoin First Launch

NWCoin is a coin issued to improve the quality of service provision, internal settlement when buying and selling digital goods and services, remuneration of participants, etc. in the No-code community. NWCoin is a BEP-20 token on BSC and it is the hottest contract for a rewards token on BSC.

Current Price

NwCoin Cryptocurrency Pre-ICO starts in:

NwcoinDAO issues a free-floating reserve currency that is blocked by a basket of assets. By focusing on supply growth rather than price increases, NwcoinDAO hopes that the $NWC will be able to function as a currency capable of maintaining its purchasing power regardless of market volatility.


The Nwcoin project was launched by the developers of the Nwicode software with the aim of unlimited development and stability regardless of political and economic problems

Low Costs

Receive and send payments in a matter of seconds, regardless of your location. Buy and sell software and developer services in the marketplace for $NWC

Nwcoin DAO

Nwcoin DAO are bound by a common goal, to achieve which they conduct voting, following specific network incentives defined in the DAO consensus policy

Deposit & Earn

With Nwcoin, you can earn $NWC in assets staking & yield farming, adding a pool of liquidity, in referral programs, lotteries and airdrops


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Use your bank card or Apple Pay to obtain NWC altcoins for your local fiat currency 👉

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The desire of our community to achieve the highest indicators in the next 3 years

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